Transitional Kinder

Mrs. Herrera is our TK teacher. Her classroom is always full of excitement and things to do. Our little ones begin their journey in becoming bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural at a very young age. She is an amazing dual immersion teacher recognized for her teaching qualities in 2016 as one of California's Bilingual teachers of the year! We are so blessed to have her at Phelan!

Kinder Team

Phelan's Kindergarten teacher's pride themselves in working as a team.  We meet at least once a week and often discuss plans and ideas over lunch, to come up with the best strategies and activities to teach our students the foundational skills they need to become successful life long learners.

First Grade Team

The first grade teachers work as a team in ensuring the highest quality of instruction delivered each and every day. We meet once a a week if not more to plan and develop our Common Core lesson plans. We chose first grade because this is a time where kids take off in their reading skills! its great to see! Its a tough job, but we enjoy every minute of it! First grade is the best!

Second Grade Team

Ms. Orozco, Mr. Hernandez, and Mrs. Mahaffey are the 2nd grade teachers at Phelan. Second grade is a time to explore new learning in all academic areas. We love teaching 2nd grade because they're not afraid to be risk takers. Our students explore new learning through technology, books, and project based learning! Stop by our class and see the wonderful things that are happening in 2nd grade!


Mrs. K is our RSP teacher and RtI specialist. We work diligently in progress monitoring all of our students.

Autism Focus Classes

Mrs. Miller and Mrs Ponce are our SPED teachers. They are amazing Autism focus teachers!


Miss Espinoza keeps our library up to date and current with all of the latest books!

Teachers & Staff

Students First...each and every day!

Phelan Teachers Hard at Work!

At Phelan Language Academy we strive to provide a safe and productive educational environment, using rigorous academic learning experiences to build life-long learners and responsible citizens amongst our students. Phelan school consists of highly qualified teachers who have began to fully implement the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics. All students have access to Common Core aligned instructional materials. Teachers are continuously improving their craft of teaching with the Common Core State Standards through collaboration and ongoing professional development offered by the district and school site. A broad introduction to literature, the sciences, and the arts is provided within an environment that promotes self-respect, respect for others and responsibility for the environment and the world. Because this is Phelan's belief, Phelan has implemented the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS). At Phelan, our focus is to prevent misbehaviors by explicitly defining and teaching positive social expectations. Our behavior matrix, designed by all staff members, establishes school-wide expectations demonstrating ROAR expectations by modeling and practicing Respect for myself and others, Outstanding Attitude, Aim to Achieve, and Responsible Peacebuilder. All staff members and adults model and practice these expectations every day and utilize progressive discipline to address misbehaviors. Our PBIS leadership team is part of the instructional leadership team, which meets regularly to analyze behavior data, inform needs and strengths, and partake in the decision-making process to improve our school culture.

Phelan is a Professional Learning Community where the model of distributed leadership is implemented. Student performance data is analyzed during grade level meetings and various teaching strategies and best practices that support learning are discussed. Professional Learning Communities also continue to drive the work behind effective lesson design and instruction. Phelan teachers regularly collaborate to share effective strategies, analyze student work, and plan instruction. Through the use of formal, informal, formative and summative assessments, our students' academic progress is analyzed continuously.  Furthermore, Instructional Leadership Team meetings include additional opportunities for teachers to analyze the data of under-performing students and discuss best teaching practices to meet their needs. This year Phelan has committed to a partnership with Literacy Partners to focus on Writer's Workshop. The work will consist of observing model lessons in the lab classroom, grade level planning with the consultant, and implementing side by side coaching. In addition, Phelan is committed to the implementation of Eureka Math, Writer's Workshop, Reader's Workshop, Balanced Literacy, and Inquiry-based learning.

Phelan is in the second year of implementing the Response to Intervention (RtI) model; this model supports and monitors yearly student achievement progress. The RtI program at Phelan provides immediate intervention to struggling students during the initial systematic screening phase at the beginning of each school year. Through the systematic screening phase, classroom teachers along with the RSP teacher and principal identify students who are not mastering basic and critical skills in reading and writing. Together, differentiated instruction is designed; intervention programs and curriculum materials are identified for use during Response to Intervention. Continuous progress monitoring of students' response to interventions are discussed three times annually during Grade Level Intervention meetings (GLIMs) to adjust instruction accordingly.

Technology has become an integral part of our instruction at Phelan Language Academy. It is thoughtfully integrated into the curriculum to support problem solving, decision-making, collaboration, and innovation. All classrooms are equipped with projectors and document cameras. Some classrooms are equipped with sound amplifiers. All teachers are provided with laptops and ipads to assist with planning and instruction. Ipads and Smart TVs are an important part of the curriculum for all students in grades K-2.Teachers use technology to promote research on informational topics, deepen students' understanding of content knowledge, and address differentiated learning modalities. All students use technology to showcase student work and projects. Technology is used to publish writing pieces, model their comprehension in math during Spatial Temporal (ST) Math, and practice phonemic awareness skills and fluency. Though the use of technology, students are able to display their understanding of skills, creativity, and problem solving. Furthermore, technology is used to communicate effectively with parents through the use of email, DoJo, and other applications.

Phelan Students display their work!

Third Grade Team

Our third grade team is phenomenal! We meet regularly to define our student's strengths and needs. We plan regularly to determine better ways to meet the needs of our students. Third graders keep us on our toes! For that reason, we love teaching third grade! Our third grade teachers consist of Mrs. Duthoy, Mrs. Acin, and Mrs. Galindo.

Fourth Grade Team

Mrs. Soils and Mrs Fountas make a great team! This year Ms.Velasco will be joining our fourth grade team as the dual immersion teacher. She comes with a wealth of knowledge in all academic areas and we know she will be a wonderful addition to our team. Fourth grade is so much fun! Fourth graders get to create projects on the California Indians, explore ST Math on the ipads, and learn in cooperative groups to name a few things. The learning goes much deeper with the CCSS and the expectations are rigorous but the outcome that these teacher produce is out of this world! Phelan is the place to be in any grade...especially in 4th grade!

5th Grade Team

Phelan 5th graders have an opportunity to participate in many indelible activities.  From the moment they step into a 5th grade classroom, they have already begun buzzing about the overnight field trip to the Dana Point Ocean Institute in April!  The excitement continues to build throughout the year because of the numerous FOSS Science labs designed to teach students more about water on Earth, living systems and chemistry, which they will experience firsthand in Dana Point.  Students are treated to various math problem solving approaches on a daily basis in class.  They also become avid life-long readers and writers through the daily experience of Reader's and Writer's Workshops.  Several projects and activities help them to become active participants in their family's and our country's rich history!  5th grade athletes also take the lead in sports tournaments for football, basketball, and tetherball all year long.  Simply stated, Phelan offers myriad events and lessons that stay firmly etched in our 5th graders' minds well into adulthood!  


Mr. Julian is our day custodian, you can always count on him to keep our school safe and clean during the day. At night, Mr. Martin makes sure our classrooms are clean and ready for learning for the next day! 

Office Staff

Our school secretary is Ms. Gorethy Ortiz, we can always count on her to greet parents and guests with a friendly smile. This year, we welcome a new addition to our Phelan Family. Mrs. Beatriz Chavez will be replacing our much beloved Mrs.Martha that retired this past year as our office clerk. We welcome Mrs. Chavez! Mrs. Mikki is our health clerk. She ensures that all of our students are safe and healthy. If your child takes medication, please make sure to complete a medical release form with Mrs. Mikki. Please notify the office if your child has any allergies.

Speech & Language

Ms. Santana is our Speech and language specialist. Students identified with IEPs in Speech get to explore the wonders of speech articulation and language development with Ms. Santana and her team.